"I didn't get much sleep with CPAP"

"I was told for years that I snored but thought of it as only a slight inconvenience for my wife. Then I went camping with my sons who told me I stopped breathing multiple times nightly during sleep. A sleep study was performed which confirmed I had obstructive sleep apnea. They hooked me up to a CPAP machine. I did not like trying to sleep while being hooked up to a vacuum running in reverse. CPAP did reduce my apnea but I really didn't get much sleep.

I spoke to Dr. Minyard about my dislike of CPAP and he made me a comfortable mouthpiece to wear while I sleep that fits into a small carrying case. I can conveniently take it with me anywhere, even camping, since it does not require electricity and it effectively stops my snoring and treats my sleep apnea!

I recommend seeing Dr. Minyard and his staff to find out if the oral appliance alternative they offer fits you and your lifestyle better than CPAP." - R.W.